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Afro-Classic RHYMES Series

Afro-Classic RHYMES Series includes thirteen different rhymes.  


Friends Forever

When Marcus saves an old lady from being hit by a truck, the nearsighted old lady mistakenly credits his friend JJ with the save.  JJ tries to credit Marcus for the save, but the old lady and the crowd that gathered sees it different.  What's JJ to do?  Does friendship win out?

Growin' Painz

Raje is excited about meeting his friends at the new amusement park...but all the kids except for Raje are tall enough to ride the really cool rides (leaving only the baby rides for him).  What is Raje to do?  How can he grow a few inches to ride the cool rides?  See his solution.

Animated shorts, puppetry, and storytellers telling and portraying classic African American tales.  Lion Meets Man-Who will rescue the tiny critters in the forest from Bro' Lion?  The Woodpecker-This bird is determined to get the grubs out of the tree?