Afrokids®.com was developed in 1999 by Leo and Ethelyn Sullivan to provide content aimed at the underserved African American family audience.   Afrokids® is an interactive web site providing a variety of different media, styles, and programming.

Spending time with your children or those children under your guardianship is key to solving many of the problems facing our children and society as a whole.  This has caused a great deal of 'lack of self-respect' for self and security (the child) and the child's lack of security for others.  Yes, it is understood that you cannot be with your child every minute or hour of the day, but a little goes a long way.  There is no secret to the fact that children act out how they feel. (information website) is a unique internet platform that offers an alternative destination for the African American consumer interested in something different for their children. A decade in the making, and strives to serve a currently underserved and potentially vast audience.  African American children and families that hunger for the educational and cultural awareness they seek, but is not offered elsewhere.  Don't compare us with the streaming networks (Netflix, Nickelodeon, Disney, etc.).  That's not what we are about.  Our mission is to empower parents, guardians, and educators who care about the future of our children, with a platform that provides a variety of interactive features produced in various media styles, which engage, educate, and entertain young minds and hearts.


With over one hundred years of combined experience in the realm of children’s educational and entertainment production, a diverse group of professionals in various educational and entertainment fields are lending their talents to our venture.  We are presenting Afrokids® as a family alternative on the internet to reach out and touch all youthful minds that hunger for the experience we here at Afrokids® seek to offer them.  


Afrokids® is aware of the many agendas in the African American community and realize that the basic connection is being Black, no matter what the agenda is.  What we are offering are our skills and talents in presenting to our children positive images that may be Pan African American to Euro-African American; Urban to Suburban; and, Multicultural to Mainstream.  This is Afrokids®’s agenda.  What we have learned in our years of experience in working for mainstream companies is basically, children have no agenda.   Afrokids® is not all fun and games.  Afrokids® also means there's much to learn about cultural awareness, life lessons, family values, respect, and responsibility.




Our mission is to chronicle the beauty, depth, and breadth of African American culture and history from yesterday to today and into the future by strengthening young minds with positive images through visual entertainment.  To provide African American children positive black images and entertainment, from e-books to children's computer games, from videos to interactive content which transports them to a place within that makes them feel better about themselves and that dreams can come true.


Team Members Afrokids®:


In the mid-sixties, Leo D. Sullivan, Floyd E. Norman and their associates launched their own production company, Vignette Films, Inc. Leo was President/art director of the company and Floyd served as writer-director in the production of educational media. Vignette Films, Inc. was one of the first companies to produce films on the subject of African-American history.  When Vignette Films, Inc. closed its doors, Leo continued the mission and formed Leo Sullivan Multimedia, Inc. and its brand Afrokids®.


Leo D. Sullivan


Leo Sullivan is the President/CEO of Leo Sullivan Multimedia, Inc. a California S-Corporation. Leo produced and directed educational films/filmstrips, training films, public service films, and 35mm slides for various educational film companies with distribution nationwide.  He produced videos:  Afro-Classic Folk Tales Volumes One and Two, Afro-Classic Mother Goose, Afro-Classic Bible Stories, Black Profiles, and Blue Jay in the Desert (a video about the Japanese Americans internment) for general and institutional consumers.  Published website Afrokids®.com, a website that helps build  children’s self-esteem, cultural heritage, and future through visual media and honoring the Tuskegee pilots of WWII with a graphic novel depicting their legacy.  Leo established a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization (LSM Foundation) to train underserved youth in the new media technology with emphasis on animation and games. Develops and publishes applications and e-books for the mobile media.


Leo was Studio Manager for Pacific Rim, an animation studio, in Shenzen, PRC and Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines. He oversaw all phases of production on animated television shows and theatricals for Thailand, Spain, France, Canada, Australia, Germany, Ireland and the U.S.A. and managed 35 supervisors who were responsible for over 650 employees. Leo also established layout departments and trained animation personnel. 


Leo developed and animated the character that inter-relates with a giant female robot for the California Science Center, Los Angeles, CA BodyWorks exhibit.


He worked on television cartoon shows: The Hulk, FantasticFour, and Ironman for New World Entertainment/Marvel; Dumb and Dumber for Hanna Barbera/Ted Turner; Award winning timing director on Tiny Toons, Tazmania, Animaniacs for Warner Brothers Animation Studios to name a few. 


Utilizing today's technology, Leo uses his knowledge of computers and computer programs to animate, produce and edit video tapes, animation for interactive CDs, and to publish interactive books and websites. 


Leo is a credentialed teacher for the State of California in Vocational Education Teaching.  He used his knowledge of animation and technology to instruct classes in the Toon Boom animation program at The Art Institute of California-Orange County. 


Leo's talent has not gone unnoticed. He was twice honored by the Black Filmmakers' Hall of Fame in Oakland, California. His works have been displayed in San Francisco and Los Angeles Museums. The University of California, Los Angeles interviewed him on video tape for their archive of animators in the twentieth century plus invited Leo to lecture for the U.C. L. A.  Animation Department.


Floyd E. Norman


Floyd Norman began his cartooning career while still in high school assisting Bill Woggon on the Katy Keene series for Archie Comics.  He attended Art Center College of Design as an Illustrator major. Floyd started working as an animation artist for the Walt Disney studio on Sleeping Beauty and eventually graduated to the story department where he did story sketch on The Jungle Book. This was the last film Walt Disney personally supervised.


During the seventies, Floyd wrote and produced animated segments for Sesame Street, Villa Alegre, and dozens of educational films.   Also, Floyd supervised animation layout at Hanna-Barbera Productions and storyboarded several shows including The Flintstones, Smurfs, and Scooby Doo.  He wrote scripts for The Quicky Koala Show, The Real Ghostbusters, and Monster Tales.


Floyd returned to Disney in the early eighties to join the Disney Publishing Group. He wrote the syndicated Mickey Mouse comic strip and contributed stories for Disney Comics.  As Project Supervisor in Creative Development Publishing, Floyd created, wrote and designed several children's books. After a ten year absence from film, Floyd returned to his roots doing story work on several feature length Disney animated films, Hunchback, Mulan, Tigger Movie, Dinosaur, and Toy Story 2.


Floyd continued work in television storyboarding such shows as Garfield and Mother Goose and Grim. The Cartoon Network called on him to script several wacky scripts for their new show, Cow and Chicken.


Intrigued by the new digital realm and interactive computer media, Floyd helped develop computer software for painting and animation. After a long and varied career, Floyd enters a new millennium more excited than ever about the possibilities of a new media. Now Floyd works with his previous associates adding his special blend of wit and whimsy to the Afrokids®.com website.


Floyd's outstanding accomplishments at the Disney Studios earned him a Disney Legend award.  His life in the animation industry is heralded in the documentary "Floyd Norman:  An Animated Life."  Because of Floyd's vast experience in the entertainment industry, he was asked to join the Board of Governors of the Academy of Arts and Sciences.



Dave Chapman has entertained thousands with his creative and unique characters. He made his career choice after seeing a TV special demonstrating the art of animation.


Dave has worked on several animation series, such as, the Smurfs, Scooby Doo, Richie Rich and others. His puppet work includes Gremlins 2 and commercials like Milton Bradley Travel Games and MacDonalds, to name a few.


He has mastered the art of animation, puppetry, film and video production, story writing, and music production.  Dave not only designs his own puppets, he constructs the sets, models, and draws the animation inserts himself.  He even performs some of the characters and does their voices.


Through his company, Dave Chapman Productions, he is committed to entertain, educate, and inspire children of all ages and all cultures.




At an early age, Ed Winters was influenced by and introduced to the world of ventriloquism from watching Paul Winchell and his dummy Jerry Mahoney on television.  In 1968, Ed's mother purchased his first ventriloquist dummy in the likeness of Jerry Mahoney.  He started putting on shows for the neighborhood children and later developed a technique of puppet making. 


In 1972, after studying books on the art, Ed bought another ventriloquist dummy in the likeness of Jimmy Nelson's dummy "Danny O'Day".  After painting it black and getting it an Afro wig, Ed named his dummy "Chuck". Years later he changed his dummy's name to "Chester".


"Ed and Chester" have appeared on a Sickle Cell Anemia telethon, made special appearances on TBN's Kids Praise the Lord program, and on local cable television.  Ed and Chester also perform in schools and libraries throughout the greater Los Angeles area.


Ed Winters has produced three videos with Vignette Multimedia™: The Ed and Chester Show, and Ed and Chester Bible Stories, Vol. 1 and 2.  The Ed and Chester videos give children the opportunity to see a man of color practicing the art of ventriloquism.  Also, they can enjoy Ed and Chester's comedy and insightful "Lessons" with positive learning.




Highly creative and multi-talented animator and illustrator with over ten years experience in media arts, television, and film. Used to working hard, meeting deadlines and pushing work and skills further with each project.


Animator and Storyboard Revisionist (Warner Bros.)

Providing animation for DC Super Hero Girls as well as resolving notes for overseas animation and storyboards. Provided animation for Warner Bros./ Moschino animated segments.


Animator, Character Designer, Voice actor for Leo Sullivan Multimedia, Inc. Produced five short films in traditionally animated, inked, painted, composited, recorded dialogue, and designed many of the characters.




Friends Night/ADHD Animation on "Axe Cop" "Golan the Insatiable" "Major Lazer" for FOX/ADHD.  Storyboards for "Axe Cop" "Golan the Insatiable".



Animator on "Motorcity" for Disney XD.  Clean up artist on "Black Dynamite" for Adult Swim.



Communicating with directors and producers to provide animation for a proof of concept short.


Bento Box Entertainment LLC

Traditional animator on FOX's Allen Gregory


Animax Entertainment

Flash Animator on several projects at Animax.