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Kids...Everything has a history! Back in the late 1960s, Leo Sullivan worked with Bill Cosby and other talented artists to create the designs of the Fat Albert characters you have grown to love. We worked feverishly to finish the first "Fat Albert" television special to meet Bill Cosby's air date with NBC. We worked long nights and drew thousands of drawings...which we also painted and photographed. There were seven artistic and dedicated souls that helped Bill Cosby launch his characters into further fame. Leo Sullivan



All seven of us animators animated on the football sequence, but it was Bob Bachman's animated clip that drew the biggest laugh
A TV Guide article, August 2, 1969, announcing Fat Albert's debut.
Director Ken Mundie demonstrates his brand new Oxberry Camera to members of the team. Jackie Banks poses for the camera.
Attitude is the game. A Ninth Street Terror by Leo Sullivan

Lifting Fat Albert was always a problem after winning a big game. Another Bob Bachman animation drawing.

As you see lifting Fat Albert was really a problem, but he was still the kids' hero.
A tryout for the Fat Albert role by Leo Sullivan
Yes, there were girls in the Special also. Animator Lillian Evans came up with this creation.
Idea sketches by Leo Sullivan

Cool was everything. Group shot by Leo Sullivan

Early Weird Harold and Nolan Sketches by Ken Mundie
Crosby tryout. Obviously he didnot make it to the final cut. Animator Leo Sullivan
A rough layout by Leo Sullivan of the Cosby Kids watching the Wolfman movie.

This group of kids didn't make the cut. But as you see, they are beginning to evolve. Artwork by Leo Sullivan

Another Fat Albert tryout.
Ninth Street Terrors idea sketches by Leo Sullivan
Another Fat Albert tryout.
A group shot by Animator Richard Drew.
A Ken Mundie grouping.
Animator Len Rogers' interpretation of the Cosby Kids
An animated cel from Special by Leo Sullivan
Weird Harold by Animator Amby Paliwoda
Ninth Street Terrors by Animator Bill Hadji



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